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DMPAM offers a range of services to wholesale clients including independent investment advice, Australian equities, Australian hybrids (preference shares and income securities) and Australian corporate bonds and term deposits. We also offer two unit trusts to the retail market, the DMP Australian Small Caps Trust (DAST), which specialises in targeting companies outside the S&P/ASX100 Index, and the DMP Australian Equities Income Fund, which is a lower risk Australian equities fund designed to deliver a higher level of income than the market. With the exception of the these unit trusts, all client assets are managed within individual portfolios, specifically constructed to each client’s risk/ethical profile.


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High Conviction Australian Equities Strategy

March 2013

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Australian Equities Strategy

May 1997

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Australian Small Caps Trust

February 2016

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Income Plus Strategy

June 2012

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Conservative Income Strategy

May 2009

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Tailored Portfolio Service

April 1991

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Charities Portfolio Service

August 1999

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Investment Advisory

July 2016

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 The key to our services is that other than for the specialist small market cap market segment, all client assets are managed in individual portfolios.

Our services incorporate the added benefit whereby all client assets are registered with an independent custodian, Sandhurst Trustees, a fully owned subsidiary of Bendigo & Adelaide Bank.

The benefits of an individually managed portfolio are several:

  • Your ethics (screened portfolios)

  • Your objectives

  • Your risk profile

  • Your franking credits

  • Your portfolio (full transparency)

This is in addition to our rigorous investment proces to lead to strong risk adjusted returns.  All client portfolios are available daily on our website.  Our client service staff and fund managers are available to answer your questions on any aspect of your investment with DMPAM.

Our service also includes a full investment administration capability. The benefit of this service allows DMPAM to keep all the financial records pertaining to your mandate to enable the timely and efficient inclusion of this information in your tax return.

We are committed to responsible investing and all aspects of our organisation and our investment process incorporate this ethos.