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DMP Asset Management Ltd (DMPAM) was founded in 1991. Today, the company has seven colleagues all of whom are ably supported by three non-executive directors.  On 31 March 2019, DMPAM merged with SG Hiscock & Company Limited.

DMPAM’s history is known for:

  • Strong, long-term returns, generated using a consistent process and leadership.

  • Comprehensive stock research, incorporating analysis of management, financials and ESG factors.

  • Building individually managed portfolios, incorporating ethical and other screens.

  • Being a pioneer in the field of managing its client portfolios on an after tax basis.

  • The fact that many clients who entrusted it to manage their money in the early years are still clients today.

Mark Twain once said, "History doesn’t repeat itself, at best it sometimes rhymes." 

We do feel confident, however, that the experience and knowledge we have gained since 1991 will stand us in good stead to establish a sound and healthy rhythm for our clients for the next two decades.